The Demise of the Angel of Death

The Demise of the Angel of Death

Mofleh Aladwan / storyteller, novelist, playwright, screenwriter, journalist and researcher, born in Al-Zarqa’ in 1966 AD, holds a BA in Chemical Engineering from the University of Jordan, in 1990 AD. Founder and head of the Jordanian Narrative Lab, and a writer in the Jordanian Al-Rai newspaper.

The Harbor

The Harbor by Nael Adwan

Jordanian storyteller, novelist and plastic artist, born in 1974. • He holds a PhD in Business Economics – Communications from the University of Jordan, and is currently working as Director of the Investment and Entrepreneurship Department at the Ministry of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship

The Edge of Passion

The Edge of Passion by Mahmood al Sersawi

Mahmood al Sersawi’s poetry leads to the spontaneous desire of translation to anyone who is able to transfer the poetical voice to other languages. His poetry’s unique characteristics make it possible for his works to reach readers everywhere.

Coast of Temptation

Coast of Temptation by Mohammed Rafie

A Bedouin girl, restricted by the customs of her tribe, which restricts her freedom, finds a strange poison, the poison of sexual intercourse, which makes her body poisoned, except for who is loved by her. Does she find her freedom according to this? Will she become a prophetess of freedom? She preaches to the daughters of her tribe and changes their lives. When her lover finds a real revelation from heaven, he comes out to him from the bottom of the mountain, does he believe?

My Life Is A Memory & Writing Is The Way To Forget

My Life Is A Memory & Writing Is The Way To Forget by Maha Mahmood

The erasing process of writing in Maha Mahmood al Autoom work tends to recall the life memory, the fleeting moments and the hidden moments, most of the time, so she could express her inner glow and the pouring of her inner questions. The attempt, in this sense, surpasses what’s already been said and it goes toward searching her own identity, away from the typical feminine revelation, which is, often, limited to the emotional burst and its excessive outer subjectivity.

Picasso’s Bats

Picasso’s Bats by Amel Bachiri

In Her Novel: The Bats of Picasso, Bachiri sets out from a very special hypothesis, and from a cultural and geographic region very far from her native Arabic region. She moves us to Cuba. Its daily world of extreme misery, poverty and destitution, describing the wretched daily life of its characters with vivid details. Enough to make us sure everything in Cuba leads to Absolute misery as a Like a fate that cannot be evaded. Which she describes passionately: (the tranquility fell upon the Old neighborhoods of Havana astonishes me.

The Gate To Life

The Gate To Life by Mohammed Ibrahim Taha

“The gate to life” is an elusive place and an exceptional moment. Standing in front of it is as standing in the space between the real and the metaphysical area, not only it gives its owner the opportunity to discover himself again, but also to discover the world through a grand perspective on the world more spacious than his unilateral, and partial vision It is the moment in which the protagonist reconsiders the evaluation of many concepts such as right and wrong, chance, possibility and opportunity, death and life.

The Korak Council

The Korak Council by Amir Tag Elsir

This book is inspired by the ancient history of the sultanates that were prevalent in Sudan for a period of time. My sincere thanks to creative writer Buthaina Khader Maki, who gave me a book written by an Arab traveler who journeyed to the Lands of Sudan in the seventeenth century as a gift. It is from that book that I derived inspiration for the events of this novel.

The Ship & The Little Boy

The Ship & The Little Boy by Bilal Al Masri

These stories are interesting educational stories that accustom the child to good behaviors that make his personality strong, such as cooperation, courage and altruism… and teach him correct information and knowledge. It uses techniques that are loved by the child, such as the animal, sometimes as a symbol of good, and sometimes for bad. It is full of sound lessons, we need writings like this, writings that value the mind of the child, enrich his imagination, and build himself.